Cub Scout Pack 655 - Benton Harbor, MI
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Our pack funds its camping adventures and all of our programing through our Fall Popcorn Sale. Boy Scouts of America is partnered with Trails End and local scouts receive 73% of all sales. 34% of our sales go directly to our troop. For our Scouts we have the first $150 of Popcorn sales directly cover the yearly dues and then any further sales are split with 14% remaining with the pack and 20% earmarked as "scoutbucks" for the kids to earn their way to camp. Scoutbucks can also be used for approved scouting supplies and can be transferred between scouts.

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Extra Incentives For Scouts:

Paying For Camp
Overall, scouts tend to average around $150 per hour selling popcorn. For sales past the $150 to cover dues, this means the scout is effectively earning $30 per hour towards camp while selling popcorn, since 20% of the total sales goes into his scoutbucks. (Scoutbucks can also be used for mom or dad to go to camp too!). Paying for camp is the number one goal that most scouts have for the Popcorn sale.

Paying For College
Trails End offers a Scholarship for Scouts who sell at least $2,500 of Popcorn in 1 year. I know this sounds difficult, but at $150 an hour, this works out to only 17 hours of total time selling. Your Scout only has to hit $2,500 in one year, and after that Trails End will credit them with 6% of total sales for that year and all subsequent years, with a per year maximum earnings of $1,000.