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Scouting Costs:

We do everything we can to keep costs for our scouts as low as possible. Most of our scouts are able to cover their year of scouting through our yearly popcorn sale each fall. Our troop tries to have on hand loaner equipment, such as tents, sleepings bags, and camp chairs so that new scout families don't feel the burden of trying to purchase all of these supplies at once. We have several events throughout the year that we do not charge scouts to participate in, most noteably our yearly spring campout and pinewood derby.

Initial costs:

$50 to join covers: scout book, neckerchief, patches for the shirt, and prorated national BSA fees.
There is an additional $25 for the uniform shirt, and there are optional (non-required) items you can also purchase (hats, belts, pack T-shirts, etc.)

Ongoing Costs:

$45 National BSA yearly fee is due in mid October. All of this goes to the national organization. This fee is typically paid by scouts by selling $150 of popcorn.

Our pack does not charge any dues, which many packs do. We are able to sustain not having dues if we continue to hit our yearly $10,000 of popcorn sales target.

Summer Camp (optional):

Cub camp: 3 days, 2 nights: $125 per person.(meals included) *Extra cost If paid late, summer camp payments are collected in April and early May.

Webelo Camp: 4 days 3 nights: $150 per person. (meals included) *Extra cost If paid late, summer camp payments are collected in April and early May.

How Scouts cover their own costs through the popcorn sale:

Our pack receives 34% of sales for our Trails End popcorn sale. The first $150 that each scout sells is used to pay the yearly National BSA fee.

After the first $150 of sales, the commission for selling popcorn is split with 14% going to our pack general fund and 20% earmarked as “Scout Bucks” for your scout. This money is typically used to pay for summer camp or to buy scouting related items. Scout bucks can be transferred between siblings and can accumulate year to year. Scout bucks can be used to pay for parents to go to camp as well. We require a minimum 2:1 Adults to kids ratio for camp, but it is highly preferred that each scout has a parent or other adult family member go to camp with them.

For a cub scout to cover the $125 cost to go to camp, he would need to sell $150 of popcorn to cover the national dues plus $625 to cover the $125 cost of camp at the 20% commission, for a total of $775 in sales (if no campership was applied for), an additional $625 in sales would allow for a parent to go to camp as well with no out of pocket cost.


In order to help more kids go to camp the Michigan Crossroads Council has a campership program to assist with the cost of camp. You can apply for up to 50% of the camp cost being covered for your scout to go to camp. The application is really easy and many of our scouts get approved for a campership. Camperships are only for the scout and are not available for parents.

If you have any additional questions or concerns on scouting costs or our yearly popcorn sale contact Angie at